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This enchanting 24 page illustrated book and CD includes 13 stories and accompanying songs to inspire parents and teachers when they are outdoors with their children or students.

" For many a millennium, stories and songs have been thought of as wisdom keepers. They hold the deep ancestral, spiritual, emotional, and historical wisdom of the ages. Stories and songs have a magical way of aiding us all to a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life. They are like candles, guiding us through the darkest and lightest of times."


"My children and I listen to Wendolyn's C.D. in the car daily and everyone ages 3-12 years (including me) loves to hear the stories!  My 3 year old especially enjoys the songs and has learned to follow along with the stories.  They are just the right length for her attention.  The wonderful way nature is woven into the fabric of the stories excites all the senses and imagination." Lauren Roskoph, parent

"Wendolyn Bird's Tender Tracks CD is a treasure for anyone who has young children and wants them to fall in love with nature.  Her stories are alive and charming, her voice is beautiful."   Erica Lann-Clark, Storyteller.

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