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   Plant A Seed, Grow a Reader Workshop

images of children at play out doors

   Presenter’s Resources

  1. AAP report on play
  2. Caring for your plant
  3. Children's Outdoor Play White & Stoecklin
  4. Developing an Earth-bound culture Moore & Cosco
  5. Plant a Seed activity instructions
  6. Time for Play Every Day
  7. Stories and Memories
  8. Teaching and Learning in Nature US Fish and Wildlife
  9. Young Children's Relationship with Nature- White

   Participant’s Resources

  1. Adult Bibliography
  2. Benefits of Play Summary
  3. Brain Facts
  4. Brain Synapses
  5. Children's Plant a Seed Bibliography
  6. Developmental Stages
  7. How Young Children Learn
  8. Imaginative Play in Early Childhood
  9. Kindergarten Readiness
  10. Nature's Lessons for Kindergarten
  11. Pre-reading Skills
  12. What to Teach a Child